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    Good morning

    I had install WEB0s 1.4.5 french from BELL Canada and everything went OK, my phone is OK and I have the version 1.4.5 of WEBos installed.

    After that, Govnah has only 600 mhz to overclock, before that with webos 1.4.1 it was 800 mhz the highest, what can I do?

    Other thing, When I want to install with Quick Install with USB attach, there is an error with /dev/mapper/store and when I disconnect the USB my phone is restarting!!

    Thank's in advance

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    You could add the kernel testing feed and then update the kernel, it's just the 1.4.1 code that has been temporarily repackaged for 1.4.5 until Palm releases the actual 1.4.5 code. Or you could just wait for the 1.4.5 source code to be released by Palm and then wait for an update to come through Preware.

    I'm not sure about the 'other thing'. Maybe you could give more details?
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    Could the 'other thing' be related to the fact that now your phone is webOS 1.4.5 and your webOSQI is designed for webOS Is there compatibility issues such as this to consider?

    I don't know, am guessing here.
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