Just like it was with PCs, touch typing is becoming a critical productivity skill. Some people are just naturally fast typists. Others, like myself struggle with touch typing. But even my meager skills are better than hunt and peck typing.

With my Treo 650, I did not use the keyboard much. I entered the occasional contact or keyword search, but did not use my phone to write emails, etc. That changed radically with my pre and so I started looking for something to teach me thumb typing on my smartphone. Unfortunately, no thumb typing tutors existed. Not even for the Blackberry, know for its legions of thumb typists, had a thumb typing tutor.

Thus, I set out to create one for myself and the Two Thumbs Up Typing Tutor is the result. While we think we created a quality product, we realize that it is just a first attempt and will need to change to become even better. Thus we welcome all your comments and suggestions.

Here are some sample questions you may want answer:

How fast do you type?
Do you use one or two thumbs when typing?
Do you touch type (do not look at keyboard, just screen)?
What is your error rate when you thumb type?
What trick do you have to make thumb typing faster?
What tricks do you use to remember what symbols are on each key?

--Greg Stevenson
Founder, Sierra Blanco Systems