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    Hi every one i know this is a long shot but i figured i would try anyway. Well everyone is trying to get rid of the phantom app update me included. the script did not work so Hardbeatz (sp) helped me with my palm profile. the only app i cant account for is "Guy Rules Reader" I downloaded it when it was in the beta and now the only version you can get is "guy rules" in the app catalog.

    I am looking for any help contacting the devs of that program. i have tried their site and the guy rules site but there is no email or anything. i need to try and get the most updated ipk so i can install it and make the update gods happy.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    bump... Anyone???
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    I wonder if this would work: write your own "Hello World" app using the same app id as Guy Rules Reader and a version number of 0.0.1. Install it, then try to update it, which would overwrite your placeholder app with the real app. Palm already considers you a legitimate owner of the app, so it's not sneaky or illegal as far as I can tell.

    The problem is you'd have to know the app id. If you can find someone who has the app installed, they could use Internalz to go to /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications and look for it.
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    That does sound like a great idea but i have no idea how to write an app. :-( so that wont really work. Hardbeatz might be able to tell me the app id as he is the one that told me i needed to update it. but again i have no idea how to make an app.
    Thanks a lot for the idea. really do appreciate it.
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    If you get the app id, send it to me and I'll write you one. It only takes a couple minutes since the app doesn't need to do anything. I'll send you the IPK which you'll need to install using WOSQI.

    I've had this problem so I know how annoying it is.
    "The service on my iPhone is so bad I'm thinking of calling it my AOL phone." -- Jim Gaffigan

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    thats amazing. thanks so much. i will let you know if can get it.
    Thanks again so much for your help either way.
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    Well Hardbeatz says he cannont get the app id from what he can see in the palm profile. He also says he has found out that doing this might not work either way but if i can find it i would like to try.

    Is there anyone out there that might have the app id from Guy Rules reader? This was the initial beta app before guy rules hit the app catalog officially??
    Thanks all.

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