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    I have started a live skydrive account but i can't stream the music files i have. Any workaround or solution to this?! Or perhaps someone could make an app to work with it? Any help appreciated!
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    I have been asking for someone to create a Skydrive app for webOS for some time now. So far, no takers.
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    I was looking into developing a skydrive app but Microsoft does not provide a developer API, I found a 3rd party .NET library for skydrive but that does not really work with webos, so if Microsoft ever release an API there will be a skydrive app available shortly after.
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    Thanks! I hope that happens quickly because i don't really like using Zumodrive as i only get 2GB free
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    first save your files in skydrive, file can not be in a secure file. It must be an open file. once uploaded to skydrive. I log into skydrive direct from the webos browser and open the file and choose it, then select stream. it then open up your music player and plays if from skydrive.
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    what i do is recording online music with Audials software, where you can also crate a playlist. now you can connect Audials with Windows Live SkyDrive and easily export your playlist/ music there. Now you can access your music over the cloud. But you can also import your music from the cloud in Audials and then play it. You don't even have to open your browser to do so as far as you are connected to Windows Live SkyDrive.
    On the Audials website you'll find a tutorial on how to just have to go to the end of the page and click on "Clouds"

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