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    There were instructions that I cannot find that discussed how to move Contacts, Calendar, Memo, To Do files from a Palm OS (700, 750 or Centro) to a Pre. That way I can continue to use Palm Desktop (yeah, there are other ways to sync) to sync my 700 and then copy the updated informatin into my Pre. Can anyone point me to those directions?
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    Just found them on Motion Classic's web site, quoted below

    The easiest way for migrating your data from Centro, Treo or some other Palm OS device is through HotSync - just perform a HotSync operation between Classic and your desktop, and all your data and applications will be migrated to Classic automatically.

    Alternatively, you can do this manually, without HotSync, as described below.

    Described migration process is a way to migrate PIM data in general but it might not work in every case depending on device and system configuration.

    This section provides step by step procedure for migrating PIM data from your Palm OS device to Classic on Palm Pre.

    PIM (Personal Information Management) data refers to the information you have in your Contacts, Calendar, Memos and Tasks applications in Palm OS.


    * - device with latest webOS update and installed Classic
    * - Palm OS device (e.g. Centro)
    * - Storage Card (SD, MMC, MiniSD or MicroSD depending on your Palm OS device)
    * - Storage Card reader

    Migration process
    Please make sure that you have the latest version of Classic installed on your Palm Pre

    1. Install FileZ application by NoSleep Software to your Palm OS device. Other file manager software can be used also, e.g. UniCmd or Resco Explorer

    2. Start Filez on your Palm OS device

    3. Tap on "View and Edit Files" button in Filez

    4. You will see "Internal" storage memory and storage card, called "POSESlot1" in our case.

    5. Tap on the triangle on the left of "Internal" to display files in internal storage memory.

    6. Locate and select (tap on them) the following files:

    * ContactsDB-PAdd
    * CalendarDB-PDat
    * MemosDB-PMem
    * TasksDB-PTod

    7. Open the menu and select Copy option.

    8. Select the folder you will copy files to by tapping on the name of your storage card, in our case "POSESlot1". The triangle on the left will become opaque when the storage card is selected.

    9. Check if files have been copied correctly to an external storage card.

    10. After you have successfully copied PIM data files to the storage card you can take the card out of your Palm OS device and put in the storage card reader on your PC or Mac computer. If your do not own the storage card reader you can use Palm OS software for that purpose, e.g. Card Reader by Mobile Stream or Softick Card Export.

    11. Connect Palm Pre phone to PC / Mac computer using USB cable and select "USB Drive" mode on Pre.

    12. Copy four files (CalendarDB-PDat.pdb, ContactsDB-PAdd.pdb, MemosDB-PMem.pdb, TasksDB-PTod.pdb) from the storage card to /ClassicApps/Install/ folder on Palm Pre.

    13. Disconnect USB cable from Palm Pre

    14. Start Classic on Palm Pre and your PIM data should appear in Contacts, Calendar, Memo and Tasks applications in Classic.
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    And here is the source of this tutorial, with images: Customer Support - MotionApps
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