Hello, I've been lurking for some time, and this'll be my first post. Adventure Book!: The Adventure Game!!:: The Choice Gamebook!!! is, incidentally, my first application that just went up today, 7/14. Mayhaps you've seen it and wondered what it was.

Well, here I am to tell you about it! It offers a fun story (entirely original for webOS) and branching paths (also original) that you the player dictate. In short, it's a text-choice-adventure game based on those choose-your-own-stories out of the 70s and 80s that left an impact on many people, including myself. Those bizarre tales always had a quirky sense of humor about them that strengthened the experience in the same way the reader's own decision-making did.

Here we are in 2010, and rather than attempting to republish those or recreate them, Adventure Book! re-explores the genre by bringing it to the digital, portable age and adds full voicing to every line and then some. That's right! Full Voicing.

I would post a DEMO for you all to see and enjoy, but I need ten (soon to be nine) more posts to do so. It should be up in Catalog within a few days, hopefully. In the meantime, discussion for Adventure Book! can take place here if the desire strikes you, especially if you want to know more.

If you already have it, since it's only 1.50 USD right now (a pittance), you may discuss the content here--without spoilers if you please--or ask me questions about the specifics should you fancy.

Sorry if I am presumptuous in creating a thread like this. I'm just excited to finally make a post.