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    A lot of people have left comments on "Free Solitaire Collection" in the App Catalog, complaining that I added the demo for all of the other games. In the free version I allow unlimited deals of freecell, and only 10 of the other games.

    Some people seem to be really offended by the demo being there. I didn't take anything away, and it is a single tap to get to freecell, but still some people really dislike it.

    So I am thinking about adding another free game to try and sweeten the deal a bit. At the same time I don't want to annoy people who paid for the full version, and of course I'd like to leave an incentive to buy the full version.

    So, here is your chance to have a say. Which game do you think should be added, or should I leave things as they are? What do you think?

    Disclaimer: I'm not promising that the game that wins this poll will be free. I will likely follow the results of the poll, but I am not promising to.
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    The way I would deal with it is to leave the functionality exactly as it is.

    However, change the name to just FreeCell Free or something and make it launch FreeCell right from the get-go.

    Then there can be an option in the App Menu (top left) called "Demos" that would then launch the options for the other games, with a dialog that lets the user know how many deals they get, where to get the full version, etc...

    Or the main scene when the App is launched could be just two buttons, one for FreeCell and another marked "Demos"...

    Either way, people who just want FreeCell are happy, and People can still try the demos of the other games without feeling misled about the fact that they are, in fact, demos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spader View Post

    Or the main scene when the App is launched could be just two buttons, one for FreeCell and another marked "Demos"...
    Thats exactly what it does right now.
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    Oh... *facepalm*

    Since I bought the full version, I never bothered downloading the free version. hahaha

    If that's the case, I have no idea why people would complain. I guess the only suggestion left would be to name it in a way that made it more clear that FreeCell was the only full game available for free. Maybe the term "collection" is what's throwing people off.

    Even though it's stated clearly in the description, a lot of people don't bother reading. At all.

    I would rename it "FreeCell Free" Or "FreeCell Free +" and market it specifically as a FreeCell game that just happens to have demos of other games.
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    I don't think adding another game is going to help. I think 95% of the problem is the name "Free Solitaire Collection", like Spader said. I think you should have either maintained the name Freecell, in which case folks would be pleasantly surprised to see it contains demos of the other games, or you could have called it Solitaire Demo, in which case people would be pleasantly surprised to see that Freecell is unlimited.

    As to what to do now, you could

    1. Go back to offering a stand-alone Freecell, maybe with an unobtrusive ad to the Solitaire collection. And, in addition, another app which is just the Solitaire Demo.

    2. Rename the current app to better reflect what it is.

    3. Leave everything as is, but do a better job explaining in the description what's going on, with phrases like:

    "Formerly known as Freecell, a free, feature-rich version of the popular solitaire game, this version now contains demos of many more solitaire games found in Solitaire Collection."

    "While Freecell remains free and unlimited, the other games in this demo can be played up to 10 times each."

    "If you like what you see, we welcome you to upgrade to Solitaire Collection; if not, please continue to enjoy Freecell!"

    BUT, keep in mind that most (all?) of the negative reviews appear to stem from misunderstandings or stupidity (one guy didn't win in 10 games, so he thinks it's rigged??? why would anyone rig it to make you LOSE all games???)

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    Lots of good points. With all of those in mind though, even without the negative comments I've been considering adding another game. I plan to keep adding more and more games to the full version over time, and would like the free version to continue getting more as well.
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    I suppose having a second/third full game would legitimize calling it "Solitaire Collection Free", if that's how you prefer to brand it. And ten plays is very generous; I don't think I've ever played any one solitaire game that many times. Folks who want more can try a different game or ante up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by minego View Post
    ...even without the negative comments I've been considering adding another game....
    Oh, then by all means, go ahead and add another! As long as the name and app description spell out clearly what's going on, folks can't help but recognize how much they're getting for nothing, both in the free unlimited game(s), and the demos, which are few and far between for paid WebOS apps.

    FWIW, I should point out that if the free games were Freecell and Canfield (and I hadn't gotten personally involved), I don't know that I would ever feel the need to ante up for the full version.

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    I'm with the "rename it to reflect what it is" crowd. I'd call it "FreeCell Free" and let people be pleasantly surprised to find the demos. Or "Solitaire Collection Demo" and let people be pleasantly surprised to find unlimited plays of Freecell.

    I might also up the number of time you get to play the game from 10 to 20, to increase the odds of someone winning. Alternatively, I might not "count" games where the person made fewer than 20 moves (turning over cards, or whatever) so just opening a game and poking around didn't count.

    I think that making more games free will cut into your revenue, and not significantly increase your advertising. If you want to give away more stuff, by all means, do so. I'm a big fan of free software. But I don't see any compelling reason for you to do so.
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    I know the poll is closed but I thought perhaps I'd chime in with my thoughts. First is free stuff tends to bring more whiners than paid stuff because free stuff attracts the gimme gimme I want my pudding but I don't want to eat my meat crowd. Second I think 10 plays on each game and 2 (or 1 for every 4 games in paid) unlimited is generous for people to determine if they like it enough to pay for it. $1.99 is a fair price. Third I think a name change to Solitaire Collection Demo would avoid future backlash along the lines brought up in making the poll and very well would have avoided most of it from occurring.

    Unfortunately you cant turn back time unless palm is willing to do clean up on your behalf of reviews not having read the description and comment negatively about that and rating poorly on that basis. However I'm not sure their willingness to do such a thing. The paid version reviews seem to be fine based on the almost 5 star average rating. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless your profits are suffering because of this problem with reviewers negatively reviewing the demo version on the basis of it being a demo and not reading that fact in the description.
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