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    Update: v0.6.0 is available now!

    I've developed a Photo RSS Slideshow viewer and just submitted it to the App Catalog, so it should become available soon. Let me know if you have any question or suggestions for additional features.

    Current features:
    - Reads Photo RSS feeds
    - Watch slideshows from any or all of the feeds
    - Options per feed (enable/disable, limit number of pictures downloaded)
    - Options for slideshow (show picture count, title, feed name; transition type, timing, order; prevent/allow auto-off while in slideshow mode, prevent/allow slideshow to continue in card mode)

    Possible future features:
    - Automatic refreshing of feeds
    - Slideshow from on device photos
    - Use a feed photo as wallpaper


    Slide RSS (or Sliderss, if you like) turns your phone into a constantly changing digital photo frame. It provides you with a slideshow of photos, sourced from any number of RSS feeds. Add the default feeds to see samples from FrameChannel, Microsoft Live's FrameIt, Flickr, FoxSaver, EarthShots, and Yahoo! The slideshow viewer follows your orientation, so your pictures can be viewed in portrait or in landscape, and the pictures will automatically be resized to maximum effect for your orientation.
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    That seems when it is going to available for download
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    It's my very first app, so I'm not sure how long the approval process will take. If anyone would be interested in a preview/lite version, please send me a PM.
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    v0.6.2 is available now, with two additions: Set as Wallpaper (tap while in the slideshow to set the current picture as your wallpaper); Shake to Randomize (shake while in the slideshow to re-shuffle the order of your pictures, even if you have it set to Feed Order in your preferences). There was also some optimization for downloading behavior (which is still a work in progress).

    Coming soon: Flick forwards and backwards in the slideshow.

    I'd love feedback from anyone who's tried it out and has any suggestions or if you think you'd be interested if only there were some additional features ...

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