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    I had a technical question about Gmail Push and IMAP Idle. How exactly does it work? I know with push mail as soon as the email arrives on the server it is "pushed" to the recipients box. But in this case, where the phone is not directly connected via ip address or some other "linked" method, how does gmail push the mail to my phone? I already set it up manually and it's working just fine, I would just like some background on it to fully understand it. I'm the type that likes to know how the things I use work :-) Thanks in advance for any info you can share.

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    The device maintains a TCP/IP connection to the IMAP server in order to be notified of the arrival of new mail. You basically answered your own question there. If the device is not connected to the internet, then the server fails to ping the device. When this happens, the server waits for the TCP/IP connection to return before pinging the device where it will proceed to download the emails.

    Note this is for IMAP or "As they arrive" settings. For POP, the device manually checks and downloads for emails at a set duration by creating and terminating a TCP/IP connection with the server.

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    Well I kinda knew it had to be connected. But I wasn't anticipating it was keeping a tcp/ip open. Thank you for the info!

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