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    I purchased an album through the Amazon app on my phone. Partway through, the download was interrupted. (I forget exactly what happened. It might have been the phone crashing or me letting preware do a luna restart.)

    When I launched the Amazon app again, the album was still in my downloads section, with two tracks showing they were half finished. I pressed the cancel button on those two and it changed to a "retry download" button which worked on those two tracks. The problem is that the rest of the tracks have no cancel or retry button. They are just there in my downloads list, not downloading. I've tried tapping, double-tapping, holding, and swiping. None have any effect.

    I've since bought another album through the app, and it downloaded completely without affecting the stuck album.

    I'm really scratching my head over this one. Any suggestions?
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    I'm not sure I really have suggestions for you, but I do have a similar problem: I bought an MP3 album earlier today and the last track would not finish downloading. The progress bar indicates the download is half done and then I get the "retry" icon. I've retried many times today and get the same thing every time. The download process was not interrupted by phone restart or any other event that would cause the download to stop. I've sent an email to Amazon customer support, hopefully they will respond favorably.

    I'm sorry that doesn't really answer your question. Maybe somebody has an answer to both questions.

    Even though iTunes and Amazon MP3 are offering "clean" MP3's now, it still seems like it would be easier to pirate.
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    any solution to this as my downloads stopped.
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    Same issue here. I'm guessing I'll probably have to just contact Amazon for a refund.

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