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    Due to the overwhelming response to (and the subsequent user issues that come with it) Free Music Ringtones has been pulled from the app catalog by the developer.

    The long and short of it is that James Harris did not want to neglect the users of his paid app because of this free app. He also did not wish to neglect his family either, after drinking 4 cups of coffee a day and spending all his time supporting Free Music Ringtones.

    Click this link to read more: Free Music Ringtones

    So I am starting a petition for James to bring Free Music Ringtones back to the app catalog. His concern is that he will have to spend all his time supporting this app. I am proposing that the app is already so well written that it performs as it should. Any problems a user may face should be able to be resolved with the collective knowledge and experience here on PreCentral.

    So James, bring it back please! I, along with everyone else who signs this petition, promise to help support any issues and questions that users face regarding this application. While we may not be able to make any changes to the application, we feel that you did such a good job writing it that any issues that arise we should be able to handle!

    Here is my participation in this petition:

    Vasek C.
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    I vote to bring it back too and I will not ask any support questions. It is easy to use and very well written.
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    It already has been brought back in a limited sense. The developer has made the IPK freely available for download from here on Precentral and can be easily installed via WebOSQuickInstall.

    I think it may even end up in the Preware feeds eventually.

    I support the developers decision the keep it out of the App catalog if he wishes.

    EDIT: Link for the main thread with available download:
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    no he made his decision.
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    The Dev already brought it back... He provided the IPK for anyone to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    The Dev already brought it back... He provided the IPK for anyone to use.
    Could you link that please. I am having a hard time finding it.
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    Awesome! Now I am ready to doctor my phone because I can get this back on it.
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    i think it should be official again, but at the same time i do feel bad for him. it doesnt take long ofreading comments to feel bad for most devs ha thanks to all above cuz i didn't know it was still around and hated having to lose it when i had to get a new phone
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    As noted in this thread and elsewhere, this app has been removed from the app cat for a reason and is final. Please do not pester the developer.
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