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    I find this:

    Crusade of Destiny (3d RPG) comes to webOS :

    DVide Arts Incorporated - Official Site

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    That looks sweet. Good find
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    There was a tweet on this by @adora that links to that video. I'm so buying this game when it comes out. Can't wait for all the pdk apps that will be hitting the catalog soon
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    Ah this is gonna be awesome. One of the reasons why I like webos
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    Looks neat, but I'd rather have a nice old-school 2d RPG like back in the day on the SNES and like I get a ton of on my DS. I don't know why, but the 3d RPGs have never interested me as much.
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    First day this is out, it will be mine!
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    What day will this be out Thursday?
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    Still waiting...

    I want this game! Now!

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