[I'm not sure what is the proper name for the app I'm using on my Palm Pre and looking for help with. It's the version of Gmail that comes up when I go to web address m.gmail.com, and it's got lots of real Gmail interface features -- all the labels, etc. I'm probably not supposed to call it an App, am I? So for now I'll call it the "Gmail mobile interface for WebOS", or GMM for short. Feel free to correct me.]

Background info: my Gmail account is set up so that when I want to know what's new and/or interesting right now, the relevant Gmail search is
is:unread -label:Deferred -label:Dreck
(Deferred and Dreck are labels of my own devising and management).

In other words, show me everything I haven't read, except what's in those two labels because I've already marked them to be dealt with later.

Question 1) When I enter this search at the bottom of the GMM window, things kinda partway blow up. The screen goes to a gray blank, stays that way for 20-30 seconds, and then comes back with view of the entire Inbox, which isn't what I want.

Any two of my three search operators work together, no problem. It's the three-way combo that dies.

Explanations? Fixes, so the search will work correctly?

Question 2) Supposing I get the search working. How can I most efficiently invoke it?

a) In the Gmail desktop interface, I have it saved as a Quick Link in the left-hand pane. Any prospect of getting to that Quick Link in GMM?

b) Can I bookmark a specific GMM search on the Pre, so that it'll really go there, instead of just to the Inbox? I've had trouble with this issue on other platforms in the past.

c) Can I make it a working icon on the Pre desktop? (Sorry, I've only had this thing a few days and I don't know the right term for that yet.)

Much thanks.
-- Dave