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  • I prefer option #1 - Aces Icon Set

    1 6.67%
  • I prefer option #2 - Deal Preview Set

    8 53.33%
  • I prefer the existing icons - Mini ScreenShot Set

    6 40.00%
  • Option 4 - New Tilted Screenshot Set

    0 0%
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    I was playing around with PhotoShop the other day, and decided to mess around with the idea of new icons for the Solitaire Collection app...

    With minego's permission, I'm posting what I came up with here to get some feedback. I'll add a poll too, because everyone likes to vote in a poll.

    OK, here was my first attempt... I like the way they came out, but some might not like that they don't give any type of preview to the game's deal layout.


    After talking to minego about the lack of deal preview, I came up with a new set...


    #2 - With superfluous titles removed

    Please take a moment to vote in the poll and let me know what you think.

    EDIT: For those that don't have the game, here's a screen shot of the current icon set.

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    I prefer the current icons. But I strongly prefer option 2 to option 1, I like to see which game I am selecting at a glance.
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    Umm, no offense, but stick with the originals.
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    No worries, if I was that easily offended I wouldn't have asked the question.

    I'm looking for honest feedback, not to have smoke blown up my skirt.
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    I think Spader is showing some real promise with these icons. I like the idea a lot. So, what do you guys think the perfect icons would be? I really like how his icons represent the games. I think they are a bit clearer than the screenshots actually. What do all of you want to see?
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    I like the current screenshots. I think the launch page is spot on and wouldn't mess with it.
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    Originals are better.
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    The existing icons are straight forward and utilitarian, but I kind of like the artistic approach that Spader is going for with option 2. I just think it looks a little too cartoony [if I can use that word] right now. How would it look to use the actual screen shots with the perspective like you've drawn and then use a font for the titles that is a little more standardized - not something boring like Arial - but maybe something like the title fonts in option 1? Just a thought.
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    My first try was to skew the original screens and it didn't turn out great... I might give it another try since a lot of folks seem to like the original screens.

    I was actually going for a sort of "cartoony" look on the second set... But I could see where it might be a bit "too cartoony" for some people. Haha
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    I'm happy with the original screen shots, but if you want something more distinctive, something like the images Spader create could work. I also think they are too cartoony. But mostly I think the font is too cartoony. Similar images with a more serious font might be worth a try. But the font makes it look a little like a joke, rather than like a game that just works. And I want my solitaire game to just work.
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    I admit, when picking the font, I didn't think "This is solitaire. This is serious." haha

    The font would normally be a very simple thing to change... Except that I was completely stupid when saving the files and managed to delete my original .psd files. :S

    I will give it another go this week, see if I can strike some sort of middle ground between form and function.

    ... And I'll make sure to use a "serious" font.
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    I think the only thing that would make it better would be enabling landscape for the home screen!
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    Cartoony is exactly what I thought too.
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    At least you learned your lesson lol. Always save the original .psd file. I have made that mistake too...

    I do like Option 2. It would look a lot better with a different font though.
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    I like the original ones, and wish those would be the icons when individual games are put on the launcher too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovemypreplus View Post
    I like the original ones, and wish those would be the icons when individual games are put on the launcher too.
    Oooh, good idea!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovemypreplus View Post
    I like the original ones, and wish those would be the icons when individual games are put on the launcher too.
    I really like the idea of having icons that are specific to the game, but I don't think the screenshots will work very well.

    First of all they are too big. Each screenshot is currently 90x100, and launcher icons have to be 64x64. Secondly I think a square screenshot would look very out of place on the launcher screen.

    I'd love to have icons per game though.
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    OK, I think I was able to get a set together that keeps the screenshot motif, but also has a bit of style to it.

    Also, I think I picked a bit more "serious" font.

    Plus, I remembered to keep the .PSD files for each game. haha

    Here they are...

    And again, with the superfluous titles removed...

    Let me know what you think.
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    1044% better than your last effort... though I still lean a bit towards the originals... I don't think the perspective is working for me.
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    Without the superfluous icon titles, do you now have room to make the icons taller, so that they have the aspect ratio of a playing card? I think if you could somehow give the icons the look of a playing card, with the layout of the game being the card's pattern.....perhaps the background color should be green felt.

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