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    I know iphone and Android have a texas penal code app to reference texas laws. I really am hoping webos can make one very similiar because I need it for my profession. It would really be helpful. Can someone help me out or give me suggestions.
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    Wouldn't a Texas Penal Code app have just a picture of the electric chair and a "now serving" type number sign?
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    And if there are apps, and it's penal code im guessing it's readily available via the interwebs? Can't you just bookmark the direct link (you can add bookmarked links to the launcher). When it comes to legal info, I personally would stick with the legal sight and not trust (no matter how trustworthy the source is) to do a blanket port to my chosen OS. Even in good faith mistakes can be made.
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    I use to have the Ohio Revised Code on my Treo, i'd love that as well for the pre


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