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    EXZeus Arcade in the works for Palm Pre !

    I find this nice video on Youtube:

    Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Horray, more PDK apps (:
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    wow....nuff said.
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    Sweet! That's a good looking app.
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    Indeed. Awesome looking game. Any idea when it will be available?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffa00 View Post
    Indeed. Awesome looking game. Any idea when it will be available?
    I think soon. Shortly after the WebOS 1.4.5 update opens the possibility of PDK-App Submissions to the App-Catalog. The demo-video looks like a nearly completed game.
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    That is an awesome looking game.
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    That looks full of win!
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    haha i remember last november when people were posting that the pre would never, ever get 3D games!.....sweet game looks fun!
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    I need some napkins....

    I love my Pre :P

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    So what's the hold up on 1.4.5? I thought it should have been available already (and the Palm feed already shows a Pixi PDK app, though I can't figure out why they used the HD identifier for a Pixi PDK game). I can't wait to buy more PDK games, and this one is certainly high up in the queue!

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