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    I tried updating my Facebook status tonight using the Facebook for webOS app, and got the following error message.. An error occurred communicating with the server. Error Message: The user has not granted the application the permission to automatically publish feed stories.

    Unfortunately, the instructions they have to grant the permissions tell you to check a box under application settings that doesn't exist.

    Anyone else having the same problem?
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    Yea, I'm Having The Same Issue. Started About 2 Hours Ago (If That) Can't Figure It Out. I Can Do Everything Else On The App, Except Update My Status. I'm Sure It Will Be Fixed Very Soon.
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    I have been using it for the past hour w no problem,but I am using the beta version
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    having probs on both beta and app cat ver
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    yeah same prob.
    had to update my status via the mobile website.
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    Yeah I just noticed this, how did the app all of a sudden lose permissions to post a status update?
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    i'm having the same problem.
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    ^ +1

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