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    I just purchased the VLC Remote tonght, and it is a very cool app.
    One problem I have is that my media is not on my HTPC, but rather on a NAS. I I have several drive letters mapped to NAS shares.
    When I bring up the drive list, it only shows the drive letters, and not the UNC paths.
    Is there a way to display UNC paths, or is there a way to select a network share rather than a local drive?

    Thanks in advance,
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    It sounds like you know more than me about how windows is working. What's a UNC path?

    What I do when browsing for drives on windows is just navigate to the drive above C:

    e.g. C:..

    I know that VLC fails to follow shortcuts and aliases.

    Can you map your UNC path to a letter so that it shows when you go to C:.. ? If so - VLC should see it
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    Universal/Uniform Naming Convention. A UNC path describes the location of a volume, directory, or file.

    I do map the drives, however I have a dozen mapped drives (i.e. "M" is my movies share) but not all of the drive letters are as obvious as that one. I'd like to be able to have the M: drive on the drive list show what it is mapped to (in my case: \\ls\movies).
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    I also purchased the app - and it's really great.
    Installation procedure worked smoothly.

    But I would like to push this thread, because I face the same or a similar problem.
    I have also my movies on a NAS. Funnily enough VLC Streamer recognizes only one of 5 drives of my NAS-volume. The others drivers are marked as folder in the app - not as drives!
    The one drive, which is normally marked as drive, can be normally accessed, but none of the "folder"-drives (message: "Couldn't connect").

    Is there a way to force VLC streamer to map all drives as drives and not as folders?
    Are there any setting-dlls which, which can be accessed/modified accordingly?

    Streaming from c: works fine, but I wouldn't like to copy files from my NAS to c: before I can watch them.

    Thanks for your support!

    Kind regards from snowy Germany
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    ok - seperate things going on here

    VLC Remote - the browsing happens through VLC, so you have to help VLC to spot your drives. The only way I know to do this is to map them to a letter.

    DT : VLC Streamer, might be something odd going on here. Could you drop me a line? (my email is in the app). The browsing for the streamer is handled by our helper, so we do try to connect to drives...
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    You could mount a share from the device:
    From a linux shell in the device:
    mkdir /mnt/mynas
    mount -t cifs //<share> /mnt/mynas -o username=<user>,password=<password>
    substitude: with the IP of the NAS
    <share> with the share name of the NAS you want to mount
    <user> and <password> with user and password
    mynas with ever name you like

    After that you can access the share by browsing the device at /mnt/mynas
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    I haven't used my VLC Remote in a while, and now it does not show my mapped network drives like it used to.

    I used to be able to browse to the drives "above" the C: drive. Now it says that it does not see any drives above the C: drive. My network drives are mapped and connected the same way as they always have been. No changes there. The only change I am aware of is that VLC Remote has updated once or twice since I last used it??

    Is there now a problem with VLC Remote seeing mapped network drives? I too have all my media stored on a NAS. VLC Remote used to work great. Now it doesn't recognize network drives??

    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate...

    Also, for some reason I had to run VLC Setup Helper again to get it to see VLC on my HTPC. Never had to do that since the first time I did it way back... But it sees the HTPC just fine now... just not the mapped network drives.

    So it lost some settings somewhere, lost communication, but got it back thanks to setup helper, but still can't see the network drives. Sorry for being redundant. Just trying to be clear.
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    I don't think there is a problem with VLC remote here. It doesn't know anything about the type of drives. It just asks VLC what it can see.

    I justed on my win 7 (home premium) with vlc 1.1.6 and 1.1.7 and in both cases, I can see the list of drives if I hit the drives button, or if I navigate to 'above' c:

    I'm not sure what has changed, but I'd try re-mapping those network drives to see if that helps (just because windows is wierd and unreliable...)
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