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    I read this earlier in the Talkin Palm - Edition 48 article.

    Apparently the 1/2 off app sale is being extended to July 23rd according to this entry in the Palm blog.

    So what does that mean for any PDK apps that may release on July 15th?

    This assumes of course that we will have a 1.4.5 update to support such apps by July 15th.

    I hope we do and I hope the sale applies to those new apps.

    Any thoughts?
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    I would hope so.

    it would be helpful i am sure. I know that we have at least some pdk apps which seem to be half off, and others that are fifty cents.

    I'm interested to see how the possibility of hybrid apps comes to bear in this update. there seems to be whispers that we might see it sooner than later
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    Well if there is an influx of quality apps being ported via PDK on the 15th I could easily spend a good chunk of change that day.
  4. #4 can count me in. Actually, I still need to pickup some of my favorites like Asphalt 5 that I've test drove with the demo and really appreciate as will as a bunch of utils. July 15th will hopefully bring a bunch more useful tools. Sorli...

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