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    well MSN still kicks you off but if im not mistaken that is the fault of the IM clients themselves not Mundu. like for example when i am logged onto msn from my laptop and sign into xbox live it throws me off my laptop. i dont know that its possible for multple logins
    Because of xbox you cannot be logged into multiple locations.

    The multiple locations is so you can be logged in on your laptop and desktop at the same time.

    Then you have multiple logins which is something different.

    That's when you are logged in with client software with different accounts.

    I just wanted everyone to know there is a difference when talking about these things.

    And who knows with Windows Mobile coming what they might change on the Xbox side of things.

    The latest Xbox update came out yesterday and it does not give anymore choices except for one major one!

    They now have an app called VideoKinect which uses the new Kinect sensor or your old USB camera to have video chat available via Messenger and the Xbox.


    PS I too purchased Mundu because it was great on my Treo. I do like it, but without having background operations I can't deal with it. I don't want to miss my friends messages. So I use the Messaging Plugins, which just make MSN Live Messenger be part of WebOS like AIM and Google presently are. But if you are not into patching your phone, you can't use this, which I understand. In that case, Mundu is the next best choice. I have purchased every IM client that was for sale to try them all. Mundu is the top!
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