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    I thought this app was to be free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    again, hows the notification?

    any noise notify? any led lights?
    it uses a tone that you would hear on the dialpad of the phone app when u recieve messages no LED blinking that i can see. i also dont see anywhere to select your own ringtone for the alert sound i just bought the app though so i am still looking
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    Has anyone contacted Mundu to see if they know if a future update will allow the program to run in the background with the card closed? Ill still buy it hoping that will be the case but if not its just as useless to me as IM+ was since I get the TMC error so often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magistus View Post
    I thought this app was to be free.
    This App will take a long time to get really good. They need money to support all the work that goes into these types of apps.
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    They already have it for Android and iPhone and many other platforms. They ought to know what they are doing by now.
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    i was able to sign into all, but problem is whenever i sign in now, my phone slows down to a crawl, i already emailed the developer. i had to do two battery pulls already

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    I've been waiting for this ever since i got my pre. I loved it on my Centro and the web os version too lived upto my expectation. And for "1.5$" its simply worth it.

    I tried my gtalk, yahoo and msn accounts in it and the setup was quite simple. I also managed to login to my facbook username and I love this app even more now

    Saw few UI issues while scrolling thru chats, but I guess that would be fixed in the coming updates soon. I give mundu IM a clear 5 on 5.
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    got logged into facebook using the I had to authenticate that my account was logging in from India though (where Mundu is stationed).

    but NO NOTIFICATIONS!! That's not good for a webOS app. Greg_mair is right we should show support to this app by buying it so the developers will have the motivation to develop this further. (UPDATE: there is a notification when the phone is off... hmmm there is actually notification now when in other apps. Will test some more)

    SOUND for incoming chat is lame. It is just the sound of a dial press.

    UI is definitely better than IM+. I see a lot of positives there. I was surprised at the ability to set your AVATAR.

    I have it plugged in right now so i cannot comment on battery life.
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    There is notifications when: You are in the buddy list screen. will get it when your phone is off and when it is on.

    It WILL NOT appear when: you are in the chat window with that particular user. All you will get is the lame notification sound.

    Hope that helps clear it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_singh View Post
    what's the difference between this and the patches I can instal which work perfect for me till this point?

    why would I spend $2+ on this app?

    oh and not to forget its intetgrated into Palm messenger app.

    so why why why?
    I could not get the patches to install on my ATT Pre+
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    I was able to add a couple of Yahoo IM accounts and an AIM account. Works good so far.
    One issue is that its hard to read black text on dark grey background. I emailed them asking if they can add font color change option.
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    I think I'll stick to the WebOS patches... Background operation + notifications + free = success.

    It's a shame however, i was hoping this would offer more features, but if it's just the ability to pick an avatar and takes away the ability to run in the background, then it's not worth it I don't think.
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    I bought it for $1.50. Works great with my corporate Jabber IM.

    Was also able to get Facebook to load once I validated that it was okay to logon from India.
    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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    Can anyone confirm if you can add/remove people from your buddies lists?
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    Can anyone confirm if you can add/remove people from your buddies lists?
    Was able to do it for Yahoo buddies.
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    logon from india? Whut!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbohsp View Post
    logon from india? Whut!?
    That's how Mundu on the Palm OS worked. Everything went through Mundu's intermediary servers. That's how they were able to support chat rooms and picture uploads/downloads.

    As far as supporting the developers. Mundu is built and maintained in India. I used Mundu for years on my 700p and Centro because it was the best IM app to choose from. That being said, IMHO the support wasn't good. I had several dealings with the support folks and getting a response was like pulling teeth. They were slow implementing bug fixes and never acknowledged any of my enhancement requests. I may end up purchasing Mundu to play around with and test but I'll probably stick with Greg's plug-ins for normal day to day use.
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    I still think at $1.5 it's worth the buy. That's less money than you would pay for a latte today folks.

    if anythin it's to encourage the evelopers to improve their app.
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    How are you guys validating this use from India? Is something popping up in the Mundu IM app asking for this? I've tried multiple times to get facebook to connect with and it just sits there spinning endlessly like it does for MSN messenger, while Google Talk and AIM connect instantly. Does it just need to spin for awhile before given the option to validate or what? Sure hope I can resolve the MSN prob!

    Edit: Nevermind on Facebook, just logged onto the website version and was walked through that authorization process. I'm wondering if somehow MSN is needing the same permission as its doing the same endless spinning signing in as Facebook was which now connects fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miles4000 View Post
    Was able to do it for Yahoo buddies.
    I just removed over 20 Yahoo contacts (from my ignore list) then when I logged out and back in they were all on my list again. Did that happen with you? I even logged in on my comp and went into pref and deleted them there yet they came back on Mundu.
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