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    Simple idea, could be an option of OS Task or an App -

    ie. I make my PC boot to Outlook - I'd like my default PRE homescreen to be my ToDo's

    I know it is a click or 2 away but fact is I constantly ignore my ToDos becuase I forget. Giant/color Font Option would be good also.

    Do any of the current Apps do this?

    Many Thanks
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    There is a way to take a screenshot with your pre, so I (completely guessing/assuming) think you could take a screenshot and then set that as your wallpaper? Perhaps an app could be made to automate this function or a patch so that each time you update your todo, it would do this for you?

    I know it's not quite what you wanted (as far as I'm aware, a 'dashboard' app is not possible, besides leaving an app open...which honestly might be easier...) so I hope this perhaps sparks some ideas for those with enough know-how to do it.
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    There is an app called Stickyman that allows you to create stickies on your wallpaper, but nothing that integrates with other to-do accounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    are people that lazy? You Can't just open the app?

    its not so much being lazy, its forgetting .. yes i forget to open/look at my todo lists .. i make sticky notes and lists all over my house, but i forget to look at them or take them with me shopping

    i think this would be a great kinda app if it could be done!
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    I also motion to request this patch. During mid-day I have too much to juggle and my short term memory is terrible.

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