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    I Doctored my phone earlier today (separate issue) and now my alarm won't play any music. This is the built in Clock app that came with my Palm Pre.

    The alarm was already there when I restored my Palm Profile, but I have tried new alarms with nothing. All that happens is the phone vibrates, no sound. This will not wake me up in 4 hours for work.

    Any suggestions? I did have patches in the past, but they're not on now and with on the horizon, I'll just wait for that to put patches back.

    How about a suggestion for an Alarm app? I'd prefer free, but wouldn't mind paying a dollar or two if it's worth it.

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    Play a media file (music, youtube, etc) and make sure your media volume is turned up.
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    Actually, if it's the stock clock app, you probably want to go to your "Sounds & Ringtones" App and make sure that your System Sounds are set to "On" and the volume slider is up.

    The stock alarm clock doesn't use the media volume.
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    Thought I had both of them up....figured it out about 5 minutes after posting this.

    I didn't wake up though, not sure if this didn't go off or I hit snooze and went back to sleep....although I did get to work on time.

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