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    Has anyone purchased/used both Smartrunner and Jogstats (or workout tracker) and have a comparison on accuracy and worthwhile-ness? I guess the only complaint that people are having on any run tracker is the GPS... I don't want to mess with Jogstats if it isn't any better than the Smartrunner that I have already set up.

    Any info appreciated.
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    Being a runner and a technology lover I've looked into a lot of different GPS units to be able to track my runs. While I haven't used either program (I've tried FitTrack) I can say that GPS coverage can be a bit spotty depending on location. This seems to be especially true when running over varying terrain. I've used both my Pre and a Garmin GPS unit while running near home. There are several spots where I lose GPS entirely because the satellite signals aren't strong enough. It has little to do with the receiver and more to do with the terrain.

    If you live somewhere where there aren't a lot of obstructions and you get good GPS reception then either program should be accurate. So really, the program shouldn't make much difference and it comes down to a matter of personal preference.
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    As a runner I've generally give up on GPS, I prefer the Suunto footpod. That said, I've tried most of the GPS running programs since I don't always have my footpod handy. The GPS accuracy isn't much different on the different softwares, the only real difference is the other functions... abilities for splits, methods of data upload, data displays, etc.

    Personally I prefer and recommend SmartRunner.
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    Thanks. I like the Smartrunner program just fine. I think it logged me a little long on the mileage, but I have great signal except at the bottom of one little hill in that area. I'll know more when I run the same route several times. The new update may help too.

    I appreciate both of your responses.
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    I'm going to put in a vote for jogstats. Its an awesome app; with recent updates it displays information large enough to see everything, the display is highly customizable, the graphs and maps with relative speeds are very cool. The developer is also very open for suggestions and gets updates out regularly. Also with jogstats you can export a .gpx file to upload to any fitness website like or any other that can import .gpx. As for smartrunner, I was not very impressed when I tried it, but maybe it has improved in the last couple of months. It seems more tied to the smartrunner website, and displays less information in the app. That's my two cents...

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