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    I've been tinkering with the idea of doing some really basic app development on my own, but I'm not really sure where to start. I'd consider myself to be a 'power user' and feel pretty comfortable jumping into the command line through WOSQI to tinker around but have never done any dev work before aside from some basic html coding for web design back in the day. If anyone can point me in a direction (books, subjects, threads) to get started, I'd appreciate it. I'm not looking to do any fancy 3d gaming, just simple stuff.

    Thanks for any assistance!
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    First off download the SDK. It contains the source code for most of the default WebOS applications. It always helps to have some examples to look back on. Then check out the W3C for help with HTML. If you have any questions people here and at the official Palm developer forums are very helpful. Other than that I would advise picking up a JavaScript book. Experiment, and enjoy.
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    I hadn't taken the step to download the SDK yet... But I'm thrilled that it's available for Ubuntu. Just one more reason why I love WebOS.
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    And, if you want, you can check my sig for tutorials about WebOS development.
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    guys, I'm a newbie in programming. What JavaScript book would you guys recomment to a newbie?
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    Most people (especially in this kind of an arena) dis me for suggesting what I'm about to suggest. For your first step, try out the dummies books (Javascript for Dummies in this case). Learning from them won't make you fabulously famous with nearly naked fans rubbing oil over your body while sipping drinks on a private beach. But what you can do with a Dummies book is get a basic foundation and introduction to the subject. And they are simple enough to be able to consume in a couple of evenings, maybe a week of spare time. Then you can move on to serious books and be able to follow them much better.

    Another good source is to google 'Javascript Tutorial' and use the first link it finds - W3 Schools. Has a nice web tutorial on Javascript, HTML, CSS. Again, basic but a good foundational source. Also it has a nice testing feature where you can write your own Javascript (or modify their samples) and test it inside a browser.

    Lastly, you will need to learn how Mojo extends Javascript and interfaces it to WebOS. That kind of knowledge is available from the Palm dedicated sources because it is a Palm WebOS specific thing. Those sources include here, the Palm Developer site, the book Palm put out, and a few other locations.
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    Thanks Ken for ur reply.
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    I would start off with Practical Palm WebOS Projects (I can't post links yet

    Learning is pretty simple, just read like the first 2 chapters then look at sample code that comes with the SDK and look at the Mojo framework.

    I pretty much started from scratch, never used html, javascript, or css and was able to put together an app in my spare time. Just plan out the app, and when you run into problems search the forums and ask detailed questions.
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    I'm working my way through the lesson... And I just think it's amazingly cool that I can use the "Try It" examples in the chapters on my pre. Being able to edit and test javascript for my phone while on my phone is just awesome.
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    I'm confused my post count should definitely be above ten, I am on here all the time, and I comment on everything lol.
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    odd, that no one's pointed you to the #1 way to jump into simple app development, Ares.
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    +1 for Ares
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    Palm webOS
    The Insider's Guide to Developing Applications in JavaScript using the Palm Mojo™ Framework

    Mitch Allen
    O'Reilly Media
    July 2009

    Print ISBN:
    | ISBN 10:
    Ebook ISBN:
    | ISBN 10:

    Order it directly from Oreilly and you can get the ebook AND print version for a discounted price.
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    So, when does the "fabulously famous with nearly naked fans rubbing oil over your body while sipping drinks on a private beach" part start to kick in?
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