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    Do apps downloaded from the official app store have some sort of auto update feature? If not how do you go about checking if there is an update? Will the Pre know if you go back to the app store & browse that particular application (i.e. will it say install update instead of launch app)?
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    Open your App catalog and click on the little "shopping bag" icon.

    this will take you to a list of all the Apps you have installed and show you if there are updates available for any of them.

    You can also run the Updates App (Wrapped Gift icon) and this will tell you if you have App updates too.
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    It would be a nice feature if you didn't have to go throughout your whole list of apps to see what is being updated.

    Palm should just sort the apps that are being updated at top of the list. So you can easily see.

    I mean it isn't a big issue, but I have like 30 apps or so, and it would be interesting to have it at the top of the list, instead of scanning it to see which apps are being updated.

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