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    I just updated to webOS 1.4.5 on my German Pre. Everything went fine except for one thing. One game doesn't work anymore: Asphalt 5.

    I runs upto the menus, but when loading a game it crashes and quits right before the loading bar is full. Apparantly there is talk about this on the Palm developer forum: Forums webOS • View topic - 1.4.5 Jail Settings and OTA Updates. So hopefully it will be fixed soon or maybe somebody knows a workaround. Maybe a uninstall (and delete all saved data) and re-install does the trick?
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    Wait for the Asphalt 5 update for WebOS 1.4.5 - comming soon!
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    I'm using a german palm pre and I'm on webos 1.4.5 and asphalt and all PDK games works very well!

    try to open a small size pdk game and then try to open asphalt game. I remebered that it was crashed first time but then it opens very well ...

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