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    hi guys, so i'm new to preader, my question is, first of all what is a good file converter that you guys recommend for converting microsoft reader files and pdf files to something compatable with preader.

    Also do i need to do anything special to get it on the phone? is it just connect to usb mode create a file in the phone labeled books and drop in as many as i like, then open them in the program? o.0

    alittle confused, any help would be appreciated. thanks!

    Edit: PS it says int he app faq that in "march 2010" the file size it can handle will be increased, has that happened yet? or is there a limit i need to be aware of. thanks in advance!
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    Hi Sepherous,

    I use text files for my docs. Most any file I ctl/a and then paste text into word and save as txt. I'm just simple minded that way. Sometimes the formatting is sorta funny but I've read a LOT of books that way on successive devices.
    Calibre is a E-Book convertor that I have used and it's great. I use .txt though most of the time.
    It all depends on how much work you want to put into the document.
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    ok downloading calibre any file size limit i need to worry about? i know the faq says march and that passed but since it hasn't been updated and taken off the faq since march passed i'm assuming its still an issue?

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