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    Watch this thread to find out what has changed in each update to Solitaire Collection, and the beta.
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    - Fixes searching in the game list screen. In the previous version the search string was hidden by the header.
    - Adds the ability to tap on 2 cards in order in pyramid instead of dragging one card to another.
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    - Changed the way the deck behaves in Pyramid.

    If a card is selected and you tap on the deck, and the 2 cards add up to 13 then the cards will be moved to the foundation. Otherwise a card will flip as before.

    - Fixed a bug in Canfield.

    If the reserve is empty then any card may be moved from another tableau or the deck to an empty tableau. If the reserve is not empty then a card will play automatically.
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    - Fixed spacing issues on game selection screen

    - Added an "autoplay" button that is only enabled when the "autoplay" option is not enabled.

    - Hide many options in preferences that do not make sense for specific games.
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    - Added a link to the Solitaire Collection forums on precentral in the "About" page

    - Updated the App Catalog links to point to the Solitaire Collection forums
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    - When a stack with 2 kings is drug to an empty tableau, ask the user which king to play. (This was already functional for everything except an empty tableau.)

    - Added a custom variant of Yukon called "Relaxed Yukon" that allows moving cards out of the foundations.

    - Implemented Yukon variants; Russian Solitaire and Moosehide. (Alaska had already been implemented.)
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    The first full update to Solitaire Collection since the initial release. It includes the following (and more):
    - New Games:
    - Yukon
    - Pyramid
    - Gaps/Montana/Spaces
    - Westcliff
    - Many new variants of existing games

    - Improved launcher screen, now provides a searchable list of games
    - Improved dragging
    - A dialog to choose which card to play will be shown if there are multiple legal moves and you are pressing the gesture area. In Yukon the dialog will always be show if there are multiple legal moves.
    - New button bar allowing access to frequently used actions and access to the menu even when playing in landscape mode
    - Much more!
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    - Fixed a bug that would cause the game list screen to go white when toggling a favorite
    - No longer allow using a facedown card as part of the K-A sequence needed in spider to move a stack to the foundation.
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    - Improved algorithm to detect the distance of stacks while dragging cards.
    - Adjusted the horizontal freecell layout so that the buttons do not overlap the cards.
    - No longer flip the first cards from the deck to the waste when auto play is disabled
    - Added an "Easy" variant of spider and spiderette that allows moving any sequential cards in a stack regardless of suit or color.
    - Fixed a number of minor bugs
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    - Fixed a bug in freecell that would prevent legal moves after an undo or resuming a game because the number of empty free cells and tableaus was not being calculated in all cases.
    - Cleanup to stats database handling to prevent theoretical problems loading the database
    - Added a game play log. Each action the user does is added to the game play log. Pressing 'm' will open an email containing the log to
    - Fixed typo that caused 'Thoughtful Klondike' to fail to load
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    - Fixed a bug that was introduced with the game log which prevented starting a game you hadn't played before.
    - Include the name of the game you are playing in the subject of a game log email.
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    - Fixes (or at least attempts to fix) a major memory leak that was introduced in a recent beta build
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    - Added the option for "Remove from Launcher". This is only available for newly created launcher icons though. Existing ones must be removed manually through the launcher.
    - Set the correct ID for icons created with "Add to Launcher" so that they work properly with the free version and the beta.
    - Display "Beta" at the end of an icon created with the beta

    - Cleaned up the "About" page. The full name of the app should be visible in all versions now.
    - Display a "Beta" banner on the game selection screen for beta versions

    - Fixed a bug with the random seed in Relaxed Spaces
    - Prevent autoplay while the card is not in the foreground, which prevents a number of weird behaviors

    - Allow 15 deals of each game in the demo version
    - The demo version now launches directly to freecell. The other games can be accessed through the menu.
    - Renamed the demo version back to "Freecell".
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    - Removed the "Remove from Launcher" functionality because Palm rejected the app submission for including this. It seems that the undocumented service request "AddLaunchPoint" is allowed, but "RemoveLaunchPoint" is not.
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    - It seems that removeLaunchPoint can not even appear in a comment....

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