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    i send a new app to palm: RevisionCast.

    With this app you can browse through all shows at You can watch or download the newest episodes.

    RevisionCast is an unoffical app so doesn't support anything (feeds etc.)

    you can download the ipk here: Crystal Development - Crystal Clear Development
    this is the lite version of the app. you can download the full if it get pushed to the catalog.

    feedback would be nice.

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    what kind of shows does revisioncast show
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    the lite version (ipk i posted) 5 of 25.
    Take a look at Revision3: The Best TV Shows on the Internet.

    All shows are listed there.

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    Cool! Definitely going to give this a try, I watch a lot of Revision3 shows.
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    thank you.

    maybe some additional information:
    if you downloaded a show and play it over the app (play button in episode view) it will be NOT streamed! The player will take the one from drive.

    currently the app don't check if the file exists (update already coded).

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    Hello everybody,

    today palm pushed my apps RevisionCast and RevisionCast Lite into the app catalog.

    With this apps you can watch the episodes from You can download or stream them directly to your Palm Pre or Pixi.

    Check out my website for the direct links to the catalog:

    Lite Version
    Full Version


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