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    I wonder if someone else has this issue.

    After my GPS radio locks on, Google Maps, Minimap, and Trapster all accurately give me my location to within 5-10m. No problem there.

    However, in other apps, especially ones used to send my location, my location is invariably 50 and sometimes 100m off. These apps include NiceGPSuperior, Send my Location for webOS, and GPS Trip Panel.

    I don't get this. How can one set of apps return an accurate location, while another set of apps **simulatenously** return an inaccurate location? This is a really problematic issue. Recently I located myself sitting in an outdoor cafe. I could see my exact location on Minimap and Google Maps. I send my location via NiceGPSuperior to friend to find me. The coordinates directed the friend to another outdoor cafe a whole block down the street.

    My specifics: Palm Pre Plus, VZW, uberkernel set to screenstate 250/720. webOS version Need to prestart VZnavigator to wake up GPS radio.
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    Apps can request different accuracies when polling the GPS service. It can also accepted cached results so it could be seeing you at your previous location. Also it can accept results in a shorter time period which may produce less accurate results.
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    In preferences, NiceGPSuperior can be set to 3 different accuracy levels. These are the only three accuracy levels specified in the documentation. If any program reports better accuracy than the highest one, they must be using something that is not documented.

    One thing I've noticed: no matter how many digits I send to Google Maps, it only uses the first six decimals, I think. So if you are using Google Maps to see your location by passing in coordinates, you might be losing your resolution.

    If I get my location outside using highest accuracy and then press the map button (in NiceGPSuperior), it is normally very close.
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    Palm Pre Plus, VZW
    I hate to say it, but there's the explanation.

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