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    Does anyone know what the difference between these two are?
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    I have the same question.

    I can not find the lite version in the Palm Apps catalog. Can you?
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    I don't think the lite version is in the App Catalog yet...probably pending.

    I'd like to try a lite version though since I have know clue if this works or not and the reviews haven't been great relating to notifications or staying online. Though, I can live with these type of problems. Sorli...
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    I've read that the lite version on the iphone has ads and the full version doesn't. Maybe that's the difference.
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    I don't get it, IM+ is already a lite version, You can't do anything with it, It need so much updating it's not funny.
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    lol, yeah that's what I've read. I guess I'm too bored. I wanted to try the free version to compare it against Greg's messaging plugins.
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    IM+ Lite is probably just the web browser version of IM+.
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    I'm using it the Lite version and so far I haven't noticed any ads or anything else that would somehow limit the functionality. It works great, does what is says and it's a real app, not a web based browser. Maybe it's a timed trial, but there has been no mention of that anywhere. I like it.
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    i have the full app and i am surprised they would even make a lite app because there are so many features that the full app needs itself.
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    lets hope mundu IM will be better..
    luckily I bought IM+ when it was still dirt cheap, but last I checked they put the price to 40$.. so either want to push new users to use the lite version or cash in a bit on the 50% discount..
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    I just bought IM+ for $2.00. had trouble even finding it in the app catalog which worries me that it might be on hold. I installed it and tried to get it working with my Jabber server at work. I could connect to the server, but that was it. Left a message on shapeservices forum. I am not to hopeful.
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    IM+ is not in the app catalogue only the lite version..
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    Hi guys, this might help clear up the issue.

    I'd guess that IM+ Lite is the full version of IM+ the only difference being that it is free until the end of August. This is a statement from Palm UK:

    Palm UK: "Great news! Until the end of August you can get the IM+ Lite app for FREE. This award-winning multi-client messenger makes it easy to stay in touch. You can view all of your public IM services in one place and view all open dialogues and unread messages in one window. Whether it’s for business, pleasure or just for fun, you won’t miss a thing with IM+ Lite. Download from your Palm now."

    Perhaps that's what's going on?
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    I'm in usa new york how come I cant install it
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    It doesn't look like it's available in the US.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    It doesn't look like it's available in the US.
    tks dude
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    does anyone have IM+ lite and gregs im messaging installed simultaneously.are they working when used but not simultaneously?
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    just had a question to anyone else have the same problem as I do, I tried looking for the im + app today and can't find it any where anyone else having the same problem?
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    I am now using IM+ lite on my germany. i can login to my yahoo messenger, live messenger, google talk . It is functioning well enough. i guess it should be enough for normal use.
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    IM+ did not work on my Pre+. I bought Mundu today and it works fine.
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