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    This morning I fired up Classic to get a quick job done with Mocha VNC. (godsend.)

    There was a splash screen indicating "There is a new version of Classic available! Do you want to download now?"

    I chose "no", because I was in a hurry and to get VNC running ASAP.
    But now I can't find any evidence of a new version.

    I'm running versions 2.1.2 (rom 2.7.00) Palm webOS sprint palm pre.
    This is the version that appears in the app catalog, and there are no notifications in Preware or anywhere else that indicates an update.

    Thank you..
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    it maybe still in the posting process, it is out there but not quite available yet. Just my guess...

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    2.1.2 is indeed the latest version available so this was probably just some temporary glitch (or gremlins, who knows).

    Let's wait and see if anyone else has experienced the same issue.
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    It's been happening to me for months. Every 4-5 weeks I would say. I had already come to the conclusion that it was just another Classic glitch and something else to just live with / ignore.
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    I can't get classic to work
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grambell View Post
    I can't get classic to work
    I think that if you explain what's wrong, the Classic developer will chime in very quickly. I've had no problems since 1.3.5. I think they have pretty much everything figured out. I probably couldn't help you, but MotionApps I'm sure can. Good luck figuring out your problem.
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    Is classic actually free now?

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