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    Hi -- I am looking for a Bible App that has offline reading of NIV and Message translations (and other modern versions). I've tried several so far but they seem to just be pulling from a website - no offline availability.

    I understand the licensing agreements add cost, but I know that others like me are willing to pay for this. Is there anything out there now? Any developer working on this?
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    so far the only option is "you version" from

    It's an app that redirects to a good mobile site, so it only works when you are on line.
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    Simple Bible is working with Laridian to produce a Bible app for purchase that will include all of the licensed translations. The release date is unknown, but it's in the works.

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    Yeah Simple Bible is offline and it works great, they don't have NIV but they have ASV and some other versions i'm not too familiar with.
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    I use Biblez from homebrew/biblez - this is an offline bible app that allows notes, bookmarks, and keeps a history of searched scriptures readily available. Multiple versions can be available offline too.

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