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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisys Mom View Post
    I just looked at my phone Preferences and there's an option to "Show my caller ID" (off or on). Is that new with the update?
    This is a GSM-only function. You won't find it on Sprint/VZW.
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    Makes sense. I'm a Sprint Pre. I just sent an email over to anon. Texter dev. to see if this can be added to the app. (fingers crossed)
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    Quote Originally Posted by spartan_md View Post
    I'd love a phone block app. What do I mean? An app that I can quickly switch on and off the called ID blocker.

    I'm a doc, and I get texts in the middle of the night with phone number of patients to call back. for example

    Ms. Smith, mother of Jonny, 4 month old with fever .

    I want to just be able to click on the number and call the patient back without having to insert the *67. By turning on the ON CALL switch on my phone, *67 would be prefixed on every call I made. I want to call Johnny's mother back from the texting card, but I don't want her to have my phone number.

    But, when I'm not on call, I want my called ID displayed to the caller.

    Any apps (or suggestions?)
    arugh! Mobile site sucks w/ logout button next to submit reply. I will post later. Anonymous textr does through contacts. I was told that this could be patched through the press and hold # menu.
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