Below are some troubleshooting regarding various things around Fillups.

graph will not display
- in the main Fillups list menu, go to preferences and ensure that graphing is enabled
- try turning the device 90 degrees to the right to get to the graphing window
- make sure you have at least 3 consecutive, full fillups so that it is possible to create a graph from the data

lost data
- try going to the graphing window. Do you see the graph?
- also, try exporting and then viewing that in Google Docs. Do you see your data?
- make sure to back up your data before every Fillups version update. As Fillups becomes more robust and stable, this should be less and less of a concern, but it is good practice to regularly back up your data.

Google Docs
- try making a few dummy fillups and export them to your Google Docs account. That way, you can make sure your data (should you be coming to Fillups with previous data or from another app) is formatted correctly for Fillups.

Google Docs Login
- This goes without saying, but make sure your login credentials are entered correctly. Also, make sure you have a solid data or wifi connection. If neither of those fix the problem, try logging into Google Docs from a computer or the web browser on the WebOS device to see if Google's servers are down.

Vehicle Info
- currently, Fillups does not support leading a vehicle title with a number (for example, "2007 Civic" is invalid). This is due to a limitation data naming in WebOS. Instead, try something like "Civic 2007." We hope to have a working solution to this problem soon.