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    NOTE: Please do not put bugs in this specific thread, create a new one to discuss your bug. Discussion in this thread should only be used for the purposes of questions regarding which information to include in bug reports. Thanks!

    When reporting bugs, please have the information below to help us narrow down the scope of the bugs.

    Original Fillups Version (to best knowledge):
    Have you ever imported/exported? (which one?):
    After which update/fillup/event did you start noticing the bug?:
    Number of Fillups entries (estimates are OK):
    Whether you are willing to share your Fillups data with the developers so that we can try to recreate the bug exactly (yes or no):

    on the last one, if you say yes, you will receive a PM with instructions on how to do so. The information is not shared with any other persons, developers, or companies, and will be used only to improve Fillups/fix a bug. After its use, it will be securely discarded.
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