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    I sent you on IM but thought I would go ahead and post this issue here. Just updated and now when I select my car, the screen is blank. It does not show my fillups. However, when I turn my pre, the graph shows all the records. In addition, when I export the data, all of it is there. I just can't get the records to display. What am I doing wrong. Been using it for a long time with no trouble.

    Thanks in advance!
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    not to sound Jobsian, but we're looking into it
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    Any updated info?
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    unfortunately, nothing yet We can not replicate the problem here, so it's extra difficult to troubleshoot. I would imagine if you export and then re-import it fixes itself?
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    It won't import. Already tried that... Could I send you my file and have you take a look?
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    remmysmom, we believe we have tracked the bug and are in the process of pushing out an update. You should see it in the catalog in a few days.

    For any users with similar import problems. Try out the update and be sure to come back here if you have problems.
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    Update fixed the issue. Thanks!

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