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    Anyone else see that "HP", "Hewlett-Packard" fellow putting a bad name out there for HP, whom he's not with? He's making apps in the web feed for apps they are terrible. I can't figure out why anyone would even bother to make apps under a false name unless they are collecting usage statistics.

    How can people be so naive though to think this is really HP? Poor app making that's in the web feed with a crap logo and people still think this is HP? Seriously? You should see the reviews...
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    These are all fly-by-night items... they tend to disappear as soon as some light is shown on them. They'll get weeded out. Who knows, after HP finalizes their purchase of Palm they may clean out misleading stuff like this. No matter, there will always be people who fall for this even if it has a headline stating clearly that it is junk. Do what I do and simply add the patch to be able to block (gray-out) certain vendors from the catalog.
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    maybe those are his initials
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    Quote Originally Posted by stung View Post
    maybe those are his initials
    That very well could be...
    This subject has been covered in other threads too - about how it was quite the coincidence that a vendor called HP Labs shows up with bad apps just after HP announces the buyout.

    But I'll give the benefit of the doubt for now

    OP... by the way, if you are talking about 'HP Labs', they aren't just in the web feeds, they also have an app or two in the catalog.
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    It was stated by Chuq that HP was running some sort of internal app developer contest to promote webOS development inside HP.

    Which ones? Who knows... But one of the developer is in China somewhere..
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    yeah.. who knows... could be innocent stuff
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    I too felt it was wrong that these apps were added to the feeds just because they didn't seem to be the quality apps I'd expect from HP, but chuq made it clear (via twitter) that these are indeed HP apps, they were part of an internal contest to learn webos, which is why most seem basic and useless to most, but if you think about it it was a good idea to get the employees semi-up to speed on how things work over here in webOS land. Sadly some of them however accidentally got published.
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    It is a great idea to get all HP employees familiar. Once they publish to the catalog, they will also turn those employees into walking billboards to have all of their friends download their app. Billiant, I love it!
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