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    I want to take advantage of the 50% price reduction for apps, but I am concerned with providing my credit card information to a third party vendor. has anyone had any problems with their purchases or purchases that were not made. How safe is the system that is used to purchase apps? Thanks.
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    I've purchased many Apps for my Pre and I haven't had any issues. You're purchasing directly from Palm.

    Also, In addition to your bank statement, Palm emails you a receipt when you're charged.
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    but you wil hand your card to a complete stranger in a restaurant, and let then carry it to an area where you can't see what they are doing with it.

    You should get a flip phone and cut up your credit cards...

    Seriously, it is safe, and credit card laws protect you from any issues.
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    @Cantaffordit has it spot-on!
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    There's nothing to worry about. It's 100% safe. As a user, I've bought plenty of apps with no issues. As developers, we don't get access to your info, it's all handled by Palm. Also, in the preferences in the catalog, you can set the frequency at which you're prompted to enter your password for purchases. This way, if someone plays with your phone, they can't just go on an App shopping spree.
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    I totally sympathize with the fear. I hate giving up my credit card number to anyone. Most credit cards come with limits to how much you are liable for in any event. Some debit cards now have limits, but I still feel safer with a credit card when doing stuff online.

    Althought I'd say nothing is 100% safe, I will say I have purchased stuff from Palm with no problem.

    The one that bothered me was signing up as a developer. You have to link a credit card to a pay pal account even though they are waiving the fee to become a developer. That one feels really wrong.

    They still charge $50 to submit an app for review which feels really, really wrong. I understand the attempt to weed out crAPPs, but making developers pay to list apps when you are trying desperately to attract developers seems an odd strategy. My solution was to start with the Web Distribution model. If I make $50 that way, then I'll pay to list in the app catalog.

    Enough grumbling from me.

    Bottom line: you should be fine using your credit card with Palm.
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    bought many apps, no problems at all.
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    I've bought many apps from Palm for the Pre and from iTunes for my iPod Touch. Never a problem. You get an e-mail receipt right after purchase so you would know right away if someone hacked your account.

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