Sports Live! is an amazing app the shows off the best features of webOS that can't be touched by any other mobile platform!

Download it now for only $3.00, thanks to Palm's 50% sale and an introductory special price from the developer:

Through the month of June, the developer is running a contest where all buyers are eligible to win gift cards or free copies of the app (after reimbursement). You just need to buy it by June 30, 2010 and post a message on Twitter or Facebook about the app. See the details here: Win Big with Sports Live! contest -

Sports Live! is designed for the all-around sports fans because it includes scores for all of the following sports. The developers are even working on adding more sports, like college football and college basketball, in the future.
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • US Soccer
  • UK Football

The app primarily runs in the notification area of the phone, so you can check on the scores of your favorite teams each day. You just tap the big sports icon on the left to scroll through the games. There's even a setting to have it automatically rotate every few seconds -- perfect for your Touchstone!

If you're a baseball fan, Sports Live! shows you where the baserunners are! How cool is that?

Ticker View

The app provides a wealth of settings to customize it just the way you like it. For example, you can setup score alerts to receive instant notifications every time a team scores or when the game ends. You can pick to be notified by a ringtone (your pick of music), vibration or blink notification.

Score Alert

The newest feature is a full scoreboard if you want to check on all the games in the league. Your favorite teams still show up in the ticker, but if you re-launch the app, you can see everything in a single view, plus change sports with just two taps.

Scoreboard View

You can link your Twitter to quickly tweet about the game whenever you want. There's also an option to enable Facebook integration, which launches the Palm Facebook app with a pre-filled status message that you can post with one tap.

The developer has been extremely responsive and updates the app about once a week. They also incorporate feedback all the time via their developer forum here on PreCentral or on Twitter @SportsLiveApps.

Here are a few more screenshots.

Available Sports