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    This app is terrible and should have never been approved by Palm

    I bought it for the world cup, and there have been about 1000 downloads, yet this app literally did nothing for the first 1.5 weeks of the world cup. No scores or anything. It has 1/2 star on the app catalog.

    Palm should have never approved it, and should take it down from the app store.

    I contact the developer, and they refused to refund me the cash, and it was only $0.99, but it sucks that they can get away with this. They told me that it was Palm's fault.

    I e-mailed Palm and they told me that they would remove the app and refund everyone their money, but I think that was just to settle me down.

    The customers are not to blame, either Palm or the Developer should take the hit.
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    Looks like they got themselves a 1000 suckers !
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    Yup, it sucks, and honestly it is just that they are getting away with it. The app is still up, even though it doesn't work.

    And the developer refuses to refund the money.
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    Well, I just sent them a paypal request for $0.99, lets see how they reply.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashakouri1 View Post
    And the developer refuses to refund the money.
    The Palm App Catalog gives developers ZERO control over sales. We don't even see that a sale was attempted until the money is in Palm's hands, and we won't see that for five or six weeks.
    Doug Meerschaert

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    Probably has a high download number because of people reinstalling it over and over trying to make the damn thing work.
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    Is there a remote kill switch?
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    have y'all written a review telling people what you don't like about it???? Kind of important for those that may look at it

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