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    Is there an RSS app that will download and store the content for offline reading? The ones that I have tried so far grab data on the fly, which is fine, but sometimes (gasp!) I do not have good signal or wifi.

    I can't remember what I used to use on my treo, but I could set it to sync my feeds at 5am and read up throughout the day. Anything like that out there now? Thanks!
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    I have been using Feeds Free which does not support offline synchronization, but read that Feeds (the paid version) does. I have also used Scoop which I bought while Feeds was just broken and happily moved back to Feeds now that the developer fixed his app.
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    NewsRoom. And it is a gorgeous app. Incredible UI. Get it now while it is on sale.
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    Newsroom stores the articles (without images) for offline reading. I recently bought it for half off, so it's only $2.50 right now. It's a very nicely-designed app with a clean ui that's essy to use. I highly recommend it.
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    does newsroom support google reader?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 12gage View Post
    does newsroom support google reader?
    No, unfortunately.

    Google Reader Support Coming to Newsroom?

    No update from a month ago, but most of the users there seem to be against it. I'm all for it though, it's not really worth the money without it, imo.
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    Thanks for advice everybody! I'll check out Newsroom.
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    newsroom is really amazing! the only thing i miss is reading coments in the feeds

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