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    I have been manually entering gas data in Google docs for a couple years now. So when I saw this app works with gDocs, I was excited to try it out!

    Im trying to get all my data back into the app using the import functionality. My steps:

    1) Create car (Acura)
    2) Input a few test 'fillups'
    3) Export data to google docs
    4) replace test data with manually entered data. As far as I can tell, all the data types are the same
    5) on FillUps app, import the spreadsheet with the new data.

    At this point, the app freezes.

    Is there any way to make this work? I would guess it is a wrong "data type" somewhere that I cant tell?

    Also, to test the import.. I have reimported exactly what the app exported. It works, but when importing data, it asks "what would you like to name this car?" Even though the car name in the data is the exact same.. It wont let you use the same car name. I dont know if thats intentional or not..?

    Anyway, the app looks great. I hope I can make it work for me somehow.
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    Absolutely we can make this work. Do us a favor. Can you share the spreadsheet you made in google docs with and we will test import it. We will take a look and try to figure out whats wrong! Thanks

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    Odd, when I import on my emulator and on my actual Pre, it works fine. The circle does stop spinning (which is weird) but after about 15 seconds, the import completes. I hate to ask this, but can you delete the app and try again? Also, your very first entry (oldest date) has a bad value, gallons number is huge
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    nalek, we believe we have tracked the bug and are in the process of pushing out an update. You should see it in the catalog in a few days.

    For any users with similar import problems. Try out the update and be sure to come back here if you have problems.

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