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    I am wondering who out there uses "You need a Budget" ( software. I personally really like the software and recently wrote to the company about porting over their iPhone App to the Palm Pre using the PDK. I also offered to do it for them (although I don't have hardly any mobile app development experience). The first response from them was positive and they sounded like they would have me do the port for them. Then they quickly went sour to the idea of a Palm Pre app and asked me to do an Android app for them. I counter offered to let me do the port and then when I am done they can review it and then say yes or no for putting their name on it. They came back with a NO, on that but did give me the syncing protocol so that I can make my own program from scratch that syncs with YNAB.

    Does anyone else out there want it besides me? I personally would love to have the software but don't really have the time to put in to making the software, but if no-one else wants to make it I will, it will probably take me a while though.

    I thought it also might be cool to add a sync feature to the Checkbook program for WebOS. Let me know your thoughts everyone.
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    I know this isn't really helpful as it's not the software that you like to use, but I use the Clear Checkbook app with much enthusiasm. It has helped me (a poor college kid) TREMENDOUSLY in balancing my finances. Perhaps you could use it in the interim? is the web portal.
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    i was really hoping they would port over a webos version as well. jesse an iphone guy but not all of us customers are. i would like the phone app even more than the computer app if it was done well and i have just purchased the checkbook app. let me know what happens with this as i would like to have it but am in no way a developer
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    I have decided to work on it. It is going slow because it has been a while for me and I am more of a hobbyist anyway. When I have most of the stuff working I will post a video of it to get some feedback
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    This post is so old but thought I would give this a shot... Has this app been worked on for the Pre or the HP Touchpad? I would love to help!

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