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    Hey, what's up everyone?

    I'm new to the Palm scene, and thus far, I have ZERO complaints. Absolutely love my phone and its capabilities.

    I found this website and see a bunch of apps (Homebrew) I'd love to have on my phone. I'm just having a slight problem;

    Since I'm new to the Palm scene (Palm Pixi Plus is the phone I have), I have no idea what I'm doing right now. If someone would be so kind as to pt me in the right direction and give me a brief walk-thru on how to get started with these awesome apps, I'd really, really, REALLY appreciate it!

    Hopin' someone gets back to me soon, so I can further enjoy my new palm phone!
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    This is a good place to start:

    How To: Install Homebrew On Your Pre

    Why aren't links working?

    Ok, go to the Homebrew Apps forum. You'll see a stickied post at the top named "How To: Install Homebrew Apps On Your Pre".
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    Ok, so Im good to go with the webOS quickinstaller, got a couple apps.

    Now, Palm Pixi plus doesnt allow you to install new themes? When i go to the walk-thru for themes, theres supposed to be a "Load Theme" option on the QuickInstaller, nd its def not there on my side.

    Any ideas Garrett? Youve been a huge help already!
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    I've seen other people having trouble with installing themes through WebOS Quick Install (WOSQI). I would recommend using Preware to install themes. The theme feeds aren't on by default, so you'll need to turn them on yourself.

    In the Preware menu, tap 'Manage Feeds'.
    Enable the 'prethemer' and 'precentral-themes' feeds.
    Back in the Preware menu, tap 'Update Feeds'.

    You should see themes listed under Available Packages...
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    also you can download the "I Love HOmebrew" app from the app store for free and it has useful links and might also help the developers if enough people download before june 30.
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    Garrett, this will wrk on a Pixi?
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    Yes, it will work for the Pixi.
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    You sir, are the man!

    Does it usually take a little while to download the feed information? The initial download upon installation of Preware went lickity split, but when i added precentral-themes nd prethemer, the download is taking quite a long time.

    Could i be doing something wrong??
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    No, that's normal... The more feeds you enable, the longer it takes to load. (prethemer is especially slow)

    If you want to install a new theme, be sure to uninstall the old theme first. Installing a theme on top of another theme is a bad idea.
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    Does that include the default Palm webOS theme?

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