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    After seeing the webcast yesterday I went and asked a few HP friends about the apps. While they are still very tight lipped about anything else Palm based in discussions they said yes there is a lot of internal hype about webOS. I heard this from three separate individuals all three working in different area's of HP.

    One of them was already a Pre user, the other two are not. The Pre user also said the apps that are showing up in teh catalog are nothing. There is an internal site where there are hundreds of apps that have been and are actively being written for webOS. Consumer apps, business apps, IT management apps, his last statement in the discussion was "imagine insight manager being webOS based and webOS being shipped on every piece of hardware that HP ships. While not being an official plan, a couple guys are playing with doing just that."

    Sounds like they are having lots of fun in their free time.
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    I just hope the apps HP develops for webOS will be available outside of the US. I tried to download the 'send contacts as sms' app and it's limited to the US. It makes complete sense, seeing how there are no webOS users outside of the US. Please don't forget about us, all you competing developers at HP and elsewhere. It only takes a few more steps to make an app available to other countries.
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    In addition to financing and clout, HP can hopefully bring a focus on productivity apps that Palm is still missing. Got to say, I'm amazed at how well the buyout seems to be going thus far, at least from an outside perspective.
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