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    i just thought it was interesting that if you unscramble nuTsie it spell iTunes.. this was obviously purposely done. i believe hp and palm have some major ideas in the works for the new webOS. perhaps palm already had ideas for a cloud music service and hp liked the idea so much that they bought palm a company just to tweak it to their likings.. i'm excited.. i wish they'd hurry up and reveal a form factor and alpha build at least.. maybe after the 31st..
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    I completely agree - I think HP are in the early stages of realizing their very own ecosystem with WebOS at its core. It's exciting.

    We're also discussing this over in this thread:
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    Love the idea, hate the iTunes integration. As soon as the service let's me add my library from a sensible music player, I'll revisit the idea.
    'til we meet again.
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    i'd imagine that the option to upload music from your personal collection (outside of itunes) would be available. i'd certainly hope so too. if not.. we could request it? lol
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    I agree. I wont touch iTunes with a 10 foot pole.
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    I want to know if nuTsie allows access to the tv, movie and videos purchased from iTunes too?

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