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    am I the only one completely lost with this app? I've tried using it and can't get it to work for me at all. I hit help but to me, the help section may as well be in a different language. I have read there is a manual somewhere, but have had little luck finding it.
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    Let me go over some of my settings and see if it helps you understand it.

    On the main screen: Activated to ON, Start and End timers set to 5 seconds (which only matter if you have the modes start after the timer expires.)

    On first run, you'd hit the button to "Edit Default Mode." This is where you setup how you want your phone to be when no modes are active. In the settings under Default mode select all the system settings you want and how you want them set. Select your wallpaper, your ringtone, whether you want your GPS / WIFI on or off, your volume levels, etc. I set all my volumes to 100, my screen brightness down to 20, set a specific wallpaper, set my ringtone, how I want it to behave on the touchstone. These are the settings that I want my phone to have 95% of the time (any time not included in one of my modes.)

    Once you have your Default Mode set the way you like, select "Add Custom Modes." These are modes that control how your phone acts at a specific time of day or at a specific location. For example, I have a Work mode that activates M-F from 7:30 - 4:30. It turns my WIFI on so I can hit the corporate access point, turns down all my volumes, changes my wallpaper to something work related. I have the mode set to activate immediately so at 7:30, no matter where I am, my phone goes into Work Mode and changes the wallpaper and reduces the volumes. Another mode I have is Bedside Mode. This mode disables the data portion of the phone, also changes the wallpaper, and turns off the screen when it's on the touchstone. That way I'm not getting emails or Facebook alerts while I'm trying to sleep. I leave the phone portion on and leave the volumes up so I can still receive calls. This mode has two triggers, it has to be between the hours of 2230 and 0600 and it has to be on a charger.

    Did any of that help you understand the purpose / setup of the program? If you have specific questions Sconix has been pretty good about answering them in the thread over in the Homebrew section. If I can help more (if I helped any so far) please let me know.
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    ok so I need to alter the default mode before making new modes, that's probably my big issue as I've left default alone. He is quick to answer but there are so many posts it gets confusing. Thx for the response, gonna go mess with it some more.
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    Ok thank you very much. I restarted my phone and the apps I wanted to load up did so with no issue. This is quite possibly one of the most powerful apps available to the Pre.
    thx again for your help.
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    i was in the same boat as you. i was extremely intrigued by the app. i read through the entire Mode Switcher thread and ... well ... my head was spinning.

    i downloaded the app anyhow, and let it just be.

    i finally worked up the nerve to try it the other day and i instantly fell in love with it, by far one of THE best apps made.

    excellent write up to give 'average joes' a simple introduction
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    Where do you find mode switcher to download and install? I have looked in the app catalog and in Preware.
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    I want to love Mode Switcher, but it really seems to slow down webOS and make it a bit unstable.
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    it is in it's own feed still, do a search for mode switcher here in the forums and you should come across it.

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