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    i just upgraded from a Centro to a Pixi recently and my biggest complaint is the loss of the old Palm OS task list and calendar. i think i have settled on a new task app but i cannot find a calendar even to PAY for.
    the old Palm OS calendar was PERFECT.

    im not even 100% sure i have my Pixi calendar working correctly as it seems the stupidest calendar ever. im hoping im the one who is stupid and just doing something wrong.

    biggest issues:

    1. nothing is color coded the way i believe it should be on the MONTH view. the only time something is color coded is when i actually click on an individual day.

    2. some days that have "events" or "appts" or whatever on them dont have any indication that i have something planned on that day.
    for example this past weekend my husband and i went to DC so i had hotel check out time on Monday and also when we needed to pick our dog up by. BOTH these items show as a greyed block on MOnday. cool, not color coded but at least there is some indication that I have something planned that day.
    THEN on this upcoming Saturday i am planning on a day trip with some relatives. on the MONTH view there is no indication of anything planned. if i actually click on the day it opens up and sure enough there is the entry i made.
    I DONT GET IT. this does not help me plan anything.

    someone please tell me i am doing something wrong or i missed something.
    or please recommend a good calendar (even if i have to pay for it)??

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    Not sure if Ubercalendar works for the Pixi but if it does then you should be happy with it:
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    Welcome to the world of Webos Calendar. Its the poorest calendar ever in a smart phone. There are a zillion threads her about the calendar and the downgrade it took from the move to WebOS from the Palm OS. To answer your question. I know of no good calendar apps "yet". I keep crossing my fingers with ever WebOS update in hopes Palm finally gets the calendar right.

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    To accomodate I have several google calendars setup on the Pre for my various categories each one is color coded. With the Pre's synergy it works great.
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    I don't know if you are familiar with homebrew, but it can be your best friend.

    my frustrations with the calendar ended with the following formula: Ubercalendar Patch + Reduce Drag Radius 10 Px Patch + Google Calendar Sync = Win

    Also... System Menu Initial Framework Patch + System Menu Today Patch = drop down menu showing today & tomorrow events when you tap the time in the middle of the top bar on your screen.

    Seriously Homebrew = Manna From Heaven
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    I too was greatly disappointed. I have been an Agendus user for almost 8 years and still use it via Classic. It synchs perfectly with my Palm Desktop and I ignore the WebOS completely. I have updated the WebOS calendar using the Data Transfer Assistant and only selecting Calendar. However, this has created duplicates in WebOS Calendar. I have figured that sooner or later, I will have to get used to the Calendar and my Google calendar, but I haven't got that to synch either.

    Still love the use and look of Agendus and have had no problem with it using Classic. Only problem I have had with any program in Classic, is using Teal Script so I can use graffitti, which has caused occasional crashes.

    Just my .02
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    On my Centro I used DateBk6 for calendaring. I still use it under Classic.
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    any event created should show up in monthly view, not sure why you can see the event in daily but not monthly. Try deleting event and recreate.

    as far as seeing color in monthly, try creating individual calendars, for example you can set up an calendar and name it "appt".

    place all appt in this calendar, this will allow you to choose this individual calendar in monthly view and give you a quick overview of avail days
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    thanks everyone for the ideas.

    what i found yesterday and there is an app where you can use the old Palm OS as a "card" on the Pixi so in that card is the old calendar and also task list.
    its a bit more cumbersome to get to then just using the built in calendar bt i think im gonna give it a go since i was happy with the old calendar.

    think they'll improve the calendars and task lists for future phones?
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    I certainly hope they do improve the calendar. I'm in the same boat as you. I migrated from a Centro that had DateBook6. I liked being able to add categories and colors and even icons. UberCalendar gets closer but I'm thinking about buying Classic so I can run my old Centro calendar. That was the biggest reason I got that phone in the first place so it was a shock to take such a huge step backwards with my Pre.
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    All day events do not show up in month view. I believe there is a patch for this in Preware but I have not used it. No colors show up in month view, but you can view individual calendars and the color will show. As far as tasks, Done! (with Toodledo) is the best in my opinion.
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    To answer your questions,

    1. No color coding in month view at this time.
    2. All day events do not show in month view.

    Try Homebrew and patches its a must. Install Preware first.

    Then get the following patches.
    • UberCalendar (Solves #1 and #2 above)
    • Sytem Menu Today Menu (Gives you drop down window of todays events)
    • Faster Card Animations (Just a recommndation. Speeds things up.)

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